Retro Games Like Frogger and Tetris Are Back in Pocket Game Systems

If you can remember the classic games like Frogger or Tetris than you may want to check out these new Pocket Game Systems. No, these are not the popular or the high price Nintendo gaming system. These new game systems are Tablet and Caplet.
Yes, they are hand held. What is great about them is that one can take them on the go and have a lot of choices of the once popular games or clones of popular games. You can even buy optional accessories for both the Tablet and the Caplet such as optional audio/video cables to connect the gaming machines to a television. You can even buy starter kits for about ten dollars which includes a carrying case, lanyard, screen cleaner and a protector.

The Tablet sells for about $29.99. It is round in size and features a bright 2 inch TFT LCD screen. The tablet houses 25 games, including Frogger. Frogger is an arcade classic that challenges the player to navigate a frog across a highway and a river.

The Tablet also includes some clone or knock off games of some favorites such as Lord of the Jewels. This game is a knockoff of the beloved game Tetris, with a new twist. In Lord of the Jewels you can swap the colors inside the falling piece to create a three in a row pattern.

Tablet also includes Mutant Hunt which plays a lot like the World War II shooter 1942 and Battle Blocks that is a lot like Arkanoid. In Mutant Hunt you control a pilot who must shoot down the enemy. In Battle Blocks you control a ball and you try to keep it from escaping from your paddle as you destroy colored bricks on the screen.

Then there is the game Billboards Master. This game is a pool simulator game that can be played by one or two players.

Tablet is controlled by directional buttons on the left side of the game machine. On the right side is also two more control buttons, which are larger labeled A and B.

A few quips about Tablet are that it has no headphone settings, you can’t save your progress if you need to turn it off, even though it does have a pause button and there are no in game instructions.

You can buy the Tablet in such colors as: lime green, off white or magenta.

Caplet sells for about $39.99. It is similar to Tablet. It has a 7 inch wide screen.

Why is it more expensive than Tablet? One reason is that it hosts 35 games instead of just 25 and it has a headphone jack for private listening.

It features three retro classics: Space Invaders (in which you blast down aliens), Burger Time and Bust a Move (the popular bubble popping game).

Many of the rest of the 32 games are based on 1980’s classics, yet they are no name title games. Adventures of Waldo is similar to Mario Brothers in that you must jump on ledges, avoid bugs and collect fruit. Magic Jelly is like Bomberman in which the player plants bombs to destroy the bad men.

Just like with Tablet, you can’t save your progress when playing Caplet and it doesn’t come with any game instructions.

Caplet comes in blue, gray, orange or red colors.

Neither Caplet nor Tablet comes with rechargeable batteries like Nintendo Gameboy. Caplets and Tablet runs off of three AAA batteries.

Should you buy a Tablet or a Caplet game system for your child? It isn’t a bad deal price wise. Either machine may be a good starter system for a child to see how your child will take care of a system. You should help your child learn how to play the games, though since they don’t come with instructions.

Another game system to watch out for is the upcoming Disney based gaming machine from VG Pocket called GAMEit. This system will come with preloaded games featuring beloved Disney characters.