It’s the Same Game

” OMFG, Turok has worse texture on the PS3 compared to the 360!” and “WTF, the online aspect is total crap compared to the 360 version. I’m not buying PS3 ports or any multiplatforms for the PS3 if this keeps up. Arrrghh.”

This whole multiplatform vs issue has become way too heated these days. This generation of gamers is heavy on graphics and I don’t mind that but just because one version of the game has weaker texture or lighting then other version doesn’t make it a different game. If you only owned that console and want to try out the multiplatform title, i say go for it. It may be laggier or have more graphical issues than the other versions but really, how big of a different do you think that is? Unless u bought/rented and played both versions (i don’t know why u would), if you like the game, u’d like it and if u hated the game, u’d hate it, regardless of which version u get. Because it’s still the same damn game!!!

I played Spiderman 3 on my PS3. After playing it, I watched the 360 gameplay footage on the Internet and realized that the PS3 version has wayyyy more pop-in issues, uglier texture, weaker lighting, and has framerate drops on certain parts. But I realize that even if I played Spiderman 3 on the 360, I still would have hated the game. My problems with the game had nothing to do with graphical issues, but with the actual game itself, like repetitive combo system, terrible and convoluted mission structure, lame VO, inconsistent difficulty, and just boring story levels. Would any of that changed if I played it on the 360. I highly, highly doubt it.

The differences between the different versions of the same game are really not that important. It may be more annoying to play one version over the another but really, the experience is nearly identical. The only time where it’s significantly different is when the online aspect of the game is totally different depending on the versions.

I mean, look, there are over 120 million ps2 owners and like 20 million people who bought the xbox. And even in the ps2 days, the story was the same. Most multiplatform games performed and looked way better on the xbox. And since more people owned the Ps2 than the Xbox, we could infer that a lot of people only owned the ps2. So when they bought multiplatform titles, they usually got inferior versions of the game. But did that make that much of a difference? It only made a difference to people who owned both consoles but even then, not by much.

I was one of the people who only owned a PS2 and played most multiplatform titles on the PS2. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was less interactive and had way more loading times on the PS2 version but that’s the version I played and I still really enjoyed the game. The PS2 version of GTA III has the most pop-in compared to the PC and Xbox version but I’m still enjoying GTAIII. I did notice the differences when I went over to my xbox-owning friend’s house but it really wasnt enough of a difference to make me hate the PS2 version or anything. It was still the same damn game.

If you own both the 360 and the PS3 (or maybe you own a good PC as well), I understand why you’d care about those differences. And I understand why most of those people end up buying multiplatform games just for their 360 and only care about exclusives for the PS3 but even so, the differences are so minute, they’re not anything to fight over. Most of those people are probably getting the 360 version not because of the difference but because of achievements, xbl, more friends owning 360, and controller preference. None of that has anything to do with the actual game but is system preference.

You can boycott “inferior” multiplatform titles on the PS3 all you want, but that’s only going to tell the developers that multiplatform titles don’t sell as well on the PS3 so they’re just gonna focus more on 360 development even more. If you only own one console and a multiplatform comes out and you want to try it out, my two cents is that you don’t even look at the differences between the versions and just get it. Dude, I know the Orange Box is laggier and has more problems on the PS3 but I only have a PS3 so I bought the Orange Box for the PS3 and if you ask me, I really don’t see that much of a difference. A good game is a good game and a crappy game is a crappy game, regardless of what platform it is on.