Fable II Pub Games Achievements for the XBOX 360

Fable II Pub Games is an XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) game that includes three of the games that are functional with the Fable II game. These three games are Spinnerbox, Keystone, and Fortune’s Tower. These were put out by Lionhead and Carbonated Games for the XBOX 360. You can order these online or they are included in the Fable 2 game. The download from the XBOX 360 Live marketplace is 800 points or roughly $10 to buy. You can download the game directly into your XBOX 360 console with this approach.
Spinnerbox is a game that is very much like the slot machines. Keystone is a combination of Craps and Roulette. Fortune’s Tower is a card game, where there are multiple numbers of one through seven. These are the three different pub games that can be played. Earlier on release there was a glitch that made it easy to exploit the games to earn gold in Fable 2, but this is no more.

There are 12 achievements for the XBOX 360 exclusively for the Fable 2 Pub Games. These are going to give you gamerscore points for earning the titles, and this will help tell you how to earn all 12 of them. Beside each of the achievements titles, tells you how to earn the title, and they are arranged by the gamerscore points that they reward the player. There is one achievement with zero gamerscore points associated with it and that is Fabled Financier. To get this play a pub game with the Fable II hero you chose.

10 Gamerscore Point Achievements

Big Spinner – At the Spinnerbox game, win big (100x or more your bet)

Fortunate Finder – You will have to unlock a new game. This can be of any type.

No Stone Unturned – In keystone, get a jackpot.

Not Just Another Mark – You will need to earn a three star rating for this title.

Penultimate Player – You will need to place in a tournament.

Warrior’s Luck – In Fortune’s Tower, get a jackpot.

20 Gamerscore Point Achievements

High Roller’s Club – You must get a five star rating for this title.

Serious Stakeholder – For this achievement, have over 2,500 gold in your bankroll.

30 Gamerscore Point Achievements

Champion of Chance – You will have to win a tournament.

Lucky Locksmith – You need to unlock all the games for this.

40 Gamerscore Point Achievements

I Want It All – You must earn all 15 of the unique items.